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Behind the Scenes - Font Art

Sept. 11, 2015, 4:35 a.m. Behind the Scenes Gamedev Graphic Koloniigo

As you probably know, I have been working on the game Koloniigo recently. To make the game looks better, I decide to make some simple font art for the game. It is my first time doing this. So don't complain if it doesn't looks good. :3

Step 1

The font is made using Inkscape. To make this sort of font, first, create a text. Make some space between each letters by using , and set the stroke color and fill color to undefined by clicking on .

Step 2

Use Alt+D to create a clone of the text

Step 3

Change the color of stroke and fill. Then set the stroke with to 3~10. and set the join and cap to rounded:

Step 4

Either use space bar to create a copy of the colored text, or use Alt+D to create a clone of the undefined color text(displayed as black). Then set the stroke size to 20~30 and change its stroke and fill color.

Step 5

Make gradient for the middle text

Step 6

Create a copy of the text using the same method in step 4. This time set the color to white and set stroke width to 0

Step 7

Set the blur to 3~5, and set opacity 30~60

Step 8

Create yet another copy. This time shear it a bit and set its color to grey.

Step 9

Set the blur to 5~10


Great. It's now done. Try changing the text and font. The font art will be updated dynamically. :D

Changing the stroke width, color, gradient, etc. gives infinity possibility of the font art generated! :)

Here is the source file

[WIP]Koloniigo - Main Menu

Sept. 9, 2015, 1:42 p.m. Gamedev Koloniigo WIP

I've just implemented the main menu of the game.

The Random Map button generates, uh, a random map. :P The following parameters are randomized:

  • The position and the type of buildings
  • The size of the map(small(40%), medium(50%), large(10%))
  • The number of AI players(1~3)
  • The algorithm used of the AI player by adjusting the parameter

You're probably trying to guess the use of Play Networked button. You're going to think that it allow you to start a multiplayer game. Wrong. The button does nothing because it's unimplemented! :P Stay tuned! I will post about any progress of this game. :)

[WIP]Koloniigo - Background and Icon

Sept. 5, 2015, 6:59 a.m. Gamedev Koloniigo WIP

Hey guys! I've just implemented background and icon for the game Koloniigo. Here's how does it looks like:

It is made with Inkscape, then processed by GIMP to make it seamless.

It is how does it look like when zoomed in and out:

Here is a gameplay video with 3 AI players and a human player doing nothing in each turn:

If you compare this with the one in previous blogpost, you may notice that I've also iconified the buttons. Do you think that the game now looks better than before? :)

[WIP]Koloniigo - Animation

Sept. 3, 2015, 5:30 a.m. Gamedev Koloniigo WIP

I've just complete implementing animation for Koloniigo. :D

Well, it has taken me a while to figure out how to make it work under ECS architecture pattern.

Here is how does the animation looks like:

[WIP]Announcing Koloniigo - Turn-based Strategy game

Aug. 28, 2015, 5:35 p.m. Gamedev Koloniigo WIP

Hey guys! I'm developing a new game - Koloniigo.

It is a turn-based strategy game. At the beginning, each player owns a building. Each building generates population over time. Each player can send population to another building to reinforce/conquer it. The objective is to take control to all buildings in the map.

Currently implemented:

  • What you can see in the screenshot :P
  • Complete game logic
  • AI(it's pretty strong. Probably the strongest AI I've ever made in my life)
  • Random map generation


  • UI. e.g. menu screen
  • Graphic, including background and button icon
  • Animation
  • More will be added later :p

This game will be available in HTML5 and Android. No schedule of release. I will release it when it is ready. :p

FYI: This is my first time announcing work-in-progress game in this blog.