International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament(formerly The International Asynchronous Rock Scissors Paper Competition) is an annual RPS event of April Fool.

Recent Blogposts of RPS

International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2019 is Around the Corner!

March 31, 2019, 12:44 p.m. RPS

Hey guys! As usual, we're going to have International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament on April Fool's day!

This year I've passed the host to And we've managed to get 9 supporting organizations around the world!

This event will be held from 2019-04-01 00:00:00 UTC to 2019-04-01 23:59:59 UTC. During any time of the event, hit the join button on and fill in the web form. After that, wait for the end of the event and you'd be able to check the result!

Of course, we'll be issuing participation certificate to all of the participants! We've got 10 handsome logos stamped onto the certificate! It gotta be so honored to have your name written on it! Want it? Join the event and it's yours!

International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2018 - Site's up!

March 28, 2018, 12:28 p.m. Behind the Scenes Product Release RPS

Hey guys! It's that time of the year again! Our awesome Rock Paper Scissors Tournament will soon be commencing, and its website's ready! :-)

This is supposed to be an annual event. However, it didn't happen last year because the hoster failed to set up the site. Therefore, we're going to host this event on our own this year.

We'll be issuing certificate of participation of all of our participants! If you're looking for a degree or a job, certificates are proven to be helpful on building your portfolio. That's why we're issuing them! Put that in your resume and we promise that'd secure your job offer or degree offer!

This year we've also made the captcha easier than it used to be! We believe that it'll invite some bots to join our event. That'd make our tournament even more competitive than it was! :)

Event details:

  • Duration: 1st April 2018 00:00~23:59 UTC
  • Location: Internet
  • Participation Criteria: Anyone from any country
  • Website for the tournament:

Technical details

The front-end is almost the same as the old one. Semantic-UI were used. But we've changed the back-end from Django to Flask. Flask takes much less RAM compared with Django. And it takes much less efforts to develop stuffs using Flask, especially for trivial projects like this one. I guess Django is better suit for larger scale websites.

I guess I'll be opensouring this thing. But I'm too lazy to do so right now. Maybe later. :P

Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2016 - End of Service of Poland Website

June 1, 2016, 12:04 p.m. RPS

Better to be late than never announcing it. The Poland Event website is closed.

The hoster could not pay for the hosting fee. Therefore, the site is closed about a month after the begin of the event.

Considering that the hoster is relatively young, he is a genius of being capable for setting up a website for the event.

Give a big hand to Eruverio! Our hoster/organizer of the RPS tournament 2016!

The facebook page of the event is still alive. And the website of the event is now archived at Wayback Machine.

We will definitely host another event next year! I'll probably find someone who is capable for keeping the site alive for at least a few years.

Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2016 - Poland Website Ready

March 30, 2016, 3:34 a.m. RPS

Finally the website of Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2016 - Poland is ready!

To make the event more internationalized, it will be hosted by different country every year! The coming event will be hosted by Poland.

To join the event, just fill in the form in the site with your nickname, nickcountry and the hands to be played in 1st April UTC. After that, you can wait for the release of the result in 2nd April UTC.

Have fun in the coming April Fool's Day!

Hiatus of Development

March 3, 2016, 11:43 a.m. Cellphone Diver Koloniigo Meta RPS

I'm sorry to announce that the development of all project of Sadale is suspended since I made the last blogpost. It is expected not to be resumed for weeks.

The main issue is that right after my illness, I got a lot of homework to do because they stacks up while I was sick. Right after I completed them, I got tests. Then I got to do revision. And now I'm writing essays. Later I need to prepare for presentations. Then I got exams. :(

Apparently I won't be able to work on any project until (hopefully) the end of the exam.

Anyway, there is some unannounced progress on Cellphone Diver that I made a while ago. That's upgrade store! I've got the basic of upgrade store functional:

Cellphone Diver Upgrade Store

Currently, there are two projects to be completed:

  • Cellphone Diver
  • Koloniigo

When I got time, I'll do Cellphone Diver first. If it's a success(get to the frontpage of a flash game site), I'll start another flash game project before working on Koloniigo.

Meanwhile, there's a project that I completed developing. It's the website for next International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors event that will be held in 1st April 2016! I've contacted a Polish guy and he will probably host the next event. The site is done and instruction on setting up the site is sent to the hoster. I'll let you guys know when the site is ready. Stay tuned!