Resuming Normal Operation and Future Plan of Sadale for 2021 and 2022

Jan. 23, 2021, 2:20 p.m. Meta

Hey guys! I'm glad to announce that Sadale is finally resuming normal operation. Sadale had previously entered limited operation mode due to the wordings in the employment agreement that I've signed with my ex-employer. With my new day job, I'm very glad that I'm able to, once again, work on personal projects again.

Accomplishments in Limited Operation Mode

Despite that Sadale was in limited operation mode, I've managed to pull of the following during accomplishments:

Planned Projects

Currently, the following projects are planned:

Planned Project: Participation in Global Game Jam 2021

Last year was a combo-breaker of my Global Game Jam participation due to the limited operation mode. This year I'm very glad that I'm able to join the event again! :D

This year I plan to do something different. I'll be joining with fellow Toki Pona speakers. For those who didn't know, Toki Pona is a minimalist constructed language with less than 130 words. Many wordings are ambiguous that the listener has to figure stuffs out by context. At first we thought about communicating with team members exclusively in Toki Pona. But some of the team members seems not to be able to speak the language well. So I'm not sure if it'd be a good idea.

Let's see how it'd turn out. Maybe we'd end up developing a game that has Toki Pona language inside. Maybe it'd be fun to make the game. Wait for the end of the event and we can tell.

Planned Project: Music Composition Training

One of the major problem of how I compose music as of today is that it heavily relies on trial and error. I do understand the theory/math of the plugin that I use. However, I've no idea on how they sound like. I just tinker with the knobs until it sounds right.

In addition, I'd like to learn efficient mean of transcribing existing music pieces so that I could reverse engineer them. Then I can make my own with similar style of the reference work.

Here's my plan in regards of music training that aims to improve my music composition and audio engineering skill:

In the past months, I've been using GNU Solfege for ear training. It worked well until I got stuck at harmoinic progression. Then I decided to take a step back and used another tool for training my skill on identifying the base note of a chord. What I've found was that I often miss the note by a semitone. So I thought that it might be a good idea to do microtonal melodic interval identification first. Maybe that'd ultimately help with chord progression identification.

As for timbre identification training, I believe that I'd have to use some kind of specialized tool for that as GNU Solfege doesn't support that. Maybe I could find one online. Or maybe I could develop an LV2 host that'd train me to identify sound produced by a synthesizer with random parameters.

It's going to take a while for me to complete this training. Hopefully I'd become a better music composer after this. Then I'll try composing music with my newly learned musical knowledge. Maybe I could create instrument template for making music as well.

Planned Project: Two Projects Sharing the Same PCB

I'd like to perform an experiment of developing two different product using the same PCB. That's mainly because, based on the experience of ilo nanpa, the units of production of my projects would be very small. Maybe the demand would be like 10~20 units. However, when I'm ordering the PCB, I'd have to order at least 5~10 pieces of them at once. Having multiple designs on the same PCB would allow me to dynamically allocate the same batch of physical PCB for multiple projects. This would allow me to have less unutilized PCB stored in my home.

I've come up with a preliminary schematics and I've tried sourcing the components for the projects. The only component that I couldn't source so far is the USB-capable microcontroller. I was told by multiple sellers that that particular model of microcontroller would take months to restock. So I guess I have to pick another one and redesign the schematics.

Planned Project: Shared PCB: USB Programmable 7-segment LED Device

This device is just like LED name badge. Except that it has 7-segment LEDs on it instead of LED matrix. Here's the planned feature:

With this project, hopefully I can learn working with USB, which could be useful for the ilo musi project (the portable game console) if I wish to implement USB feature for that.

Planned Project: Shared PCB: Low-cost Internet-synchronized Clock

This device is just a LED clock with internet time sync mechanism. Apparently the auto-synchronized clocks are rather expensive in the market and it isn't worth my money to purchase them. So I'd like to develop my own one. Here's the planned feature:

With this project, I should be able to learn designing mechanical case, which'd be useful for designing the mechanical case of ilo musi project in the future.

Planned Project: ilo musi - New Features to be Developed

This was the main project that got suspended during limited operation mode. It's the portable game console project that I've spend a year working on. From now on I'm able to work on this project again. After working on all of the aforementioned projects, I'd like to make a better version of ilo musi. The following features are currently planned:

End of Blogpost

Hopefully all these projects would lead Sadale to a wondrous future. It'd take Sadale a step closer to the dream of becoming "a cyber entity capable for creating literally anything possible using computers".