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Recent Blogposts of Meta Goes HTTPS

April 15, 2016, 2:20 a.m. Meta

Thanks to Let's Encrypt. We can now get SSL certificates for free!

I was slacking off while doing homework. That's why I did the HTTPS setup yesterday. :P

Currently, only some of the subdomains of supports HTTPS. I'd like to test it for a while before enabling it for all of the domains.

Many image links in blogposts are still having http:// prefix . I'll convert them to https:// when I got time.

Hiatus of Development

March 3, 2016, 11:43 a.m. Cellphone Diver Koloniigo Meta RPS

I'm sorry to announce that the development of all project of Sadale is suspended since I made the last blogpost. It is expected not to be resumed for weeks.

The main issue is that right after my illness, I got a lot of homework to do because they stacks up while I was sick. Right after I completed them, I got tests. Then I got to do revision. And now I'm writing essays. Later I need to prepare for presentations. Then I got exams. :(

Apparently I won't be able to work on any project until (hopefully) the end of the exam.

Anyway, there is some unannounced progress on Cellphone Diver that I made a while ago. That's upgrade store! I've got the basic of upgrade store functional:

Cellphone Diver Upgrade Store

Currently, there are two projects to be completed:

  • Cellphone Diver
  • Koloniigo

When I got time, I'll do Cellphone Diver first. If it's a success(get to the frontpage of a flash game site), I'll start another flash game project before working on Koloniigo.

Meanwhile, there's a project that I completed developing. It's the website for next International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors event that will be held in 1st April 2016! I've contacted a Polish guy and he will probably host the next event. The site is done and instruction on setting up the site is sent to the hoster. I'll let you guys know when the site is ready. Stay tuned!

Major Website Update!

Oct. 24, 2015, 6:13 p.m. Meta

I've updated the UI of the website!

Feature of this new site:

  • Modern UI (Achievement unlocked! I've never did it before!)
  • Tag filtering function
  • Merged blog with homepage
  • Social network buttons
  • SEO (Yet another achievement unlocked! It's first time that I do it)
  • Mobile friendly
  • Works without javascript(with minor font display issue)
  • Easier captcha for comments
  • Bugfix: image display resize issue

New site icon

New site icon

Old homepage (archived)

old homepage

Old blog (archived)

old blog

Yes. The logo looks like the bootstrap one. I didn't know the existence of bootstrap by the time I made that logo. Now I know it. That's why I've changed the logo.

This is indeed a big improvement of this website. It have taken me 10 days for working on this update. It's still not done. This site still lack content like product list and link exchange. I'll add more stuffs to this site soon!

UI Revamp

March 11, 2015, 2:22 p.m. Meta

The UI of this blog is revamped! :D

Hello World

Feb. 22, 2015, 5:32 a.m. Meta

If you have visited my home page before, you would see that the blog button have been saying "Coming Soon" for a few months. It seems that the ETA was ∞. :P

Today, this blog is launched! (finally!) :)

I developed this blog for learning Django.

This blog looks ugly. My original plan was to make some fancy UI before publishing this blog. Too bad! I'm running out of time. so I publish it anyway. Well, the blog just works. UI can wait anyway. :P

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