Product List of Sadale

Product    Development Duration Brief Description
Arduino 1602 Snake Game   11-Mar-18   An Arduino snake game with 16x4 game field on a 16x2 alphanumeric LCD.
Whack-a-mole over Telephone   Jul-16~Aug-16   A Cantonese game playable by dialing a phone number. Phone system decommissioned. Redeployable upon request.
ROV Control program*   Early-15~Aug-15   A program for controlling underwater robot and performing measurement of dimension of objects with stereo cameras. Developed for 2015 International MATE competition. Source code available on request.
Poopie: Making Kim Jun Un Cry    5 days during Aug-15~Nov-15 A game about pooping on people and upgrades. Successor of my Ludum Dare 33 Entry
Half N' Half    27-Apr-15~28-Apr-15 A breakout game developed out of boredom while I was doing exam revision.
Fall in Love May 2014 ~ Sep 2014 Android game. Successor of the award-winning game of the 4th HKDGDC "大團完"
LMMS Jan-14~Feb-14 Music composition software. I've contributed to the development during this period.

* Non-amateur work(s)

Other Products that I'm Proud of