Product List of Sadale


Game Title    Development Duration       Brief Description
Fall in Love May 2014 ~ Sep 2014 Android game. Successor of the award-winning game of the 4th HKDGDC "大團完"
Half N' Half    27~28 Apr 2015 A breakout game developed out of boredom while I was doing exam revision.
Poopie: Making Kim Jong Un Cry    5 days of Aug~Nov 2015 A game about pooping on people and upgrades. Successor of my Ludum Dare 33 Entry

Featured Non-game Products

Product Title    Development Duration    Brief Description
LMMS Jan 2014 ~ Feb 2014 Music composition software. I've contributed to the development during this period.
ROV Control program    Early 2015 ~ Aug 2015 A program for controlling underwater robot and performing measurement of dimension of objects with stereo cameras. Developed for 2015 International MATE competition. Source code available on request.

Other Products that I'm Proud of